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verslo valdymo sistema dineta drabuziu parduotuveiERP for Services | DINETA.web, DINETA.pos

When you work with customers you know that the most important thing is timeliness of providing necessary information. It includes service prices, component prices or selecting the best service with an optimal price. Customer values detailed information which is given without wasting time for both parts. This depend on its opinion weather buy product or use company’s service. That’s the main goal of every company that provide its services or products its clients – maintaining professional relationship in-between.

If you have to work with a large number of customers and manually write out periodic bills? Forget that routine, forget printing and mailing documents by regular mail. Such operations could be done by DINETA.web – online accounting software. This program will perfectly perform and will instantly form periodic invoices and send them by e-mail.

DINETA business management solutions provide you with such possibilities

  • You  will be able to monitor client balance of payments, provide agreed payment terms and control them;
  • You will be able to issue an invoice from the computer in any place. You only need to have an access to a browser.
  • During negotiations you will be able to  look at the balances, prime costs of goods, raw materials stored in a warehouse and to model the structure of the service according to customer‘s request.

DINETA.web and DINETA.pos are the best business management systems for services your company provide.

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