FAQ about DINETA.web

FAQ about DINETA.pos

FAQ about DINETA.pos from CEOs

  • Can we use our equipment?

    The most cases are free from using special equipment because of program's flexibility. DINETA.pos works with various fiscal blocks, so we are able to adapt by using company's equipment. It's enough to use the minimal resources of computer.

  • How much time does DINETA.pos needs to be installed?

    The time of preparation of point of sale program depends on number of such program at your company. Usually it may take 2 hours to prepare the point of sale workplace, however, the time may vary because of the amount of accounting data.

FAQ about DINETA.pos from accountants

  • How sales are registered from point of sale program?

    There is a possibility to configure check being confirmed automatically by importing checks into a sales module. DINETA.pos does it automatically, so, there is no need to intervene such operation manually.

  • What will happen when importing a voucher for a product that there is not at warehouse?

    If there is no product in warehouse the voucher can’t be registered by importing it. It should be validated manually later. You can set a reservation for a product which is not at warehouse. DINETA.web has such possibility when forming sale operations. At this point a voucher may be registered automatically. However, you have to use shortage function later to re-register such products.

FAQ about DINETA.pos from sale managers

  • What kind sales off can I apply at point of sale program?

    There are many settings about sales off:

    • what kind of product you need to apply sales off: from a list or groups;
    • which product does not need to be inserted into sales off list or groups;
    • minimum or maximum sum when sales off is applied (from bought amount of product or sum)
    • sales off are granted automatically or manually;
    • types of sales off: percentage, or sum of money,  or loaylty points.
  • Can we use loyalty cards?

    Yes, you can. Every card is entered as client. So, you will be able to fill its accounts data as you needed.

  • How we can analyze sales?

    It depends on products you use and the need of it. If you work with DINETA.web you will get fixed records (sales, product groups, dates and etc.). If you use DINETA.analytics you may set such filter by yourselves.