The autonomy and characteristics of DINETA point of sale program

kasos programa DinetaDINETA point of sale program is a computerized point of sale program used by many retail and service sector businesses in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland and elsewhere.

DINETA.pos performs all standard cash register work functions, such as, cash in, withdrawals, mixed payments, printing of fiscal reports, etc. However, the capabilities of DINETA point of sale program are not limited to these functions. The program is compatible with all fiscal units, scales or bar code scanners.

Although in many ways the options provided by DINETA point of sale program may seem unexceptional compared to other point of sale programs, this POS system has its features. DINETA  user interface is very simple, intuitive, easy to learn and use in 30 minutes. The point of sale program exchanges data in real time so that you can receive data from any integrated IS immediately instead of at the end of the day, allowing you to provide reports or orders to suppliers right away, without having to wait for 24 hours. Moreover, DINETA.pos has a receipt delay function, utility collection function, authorization function and others.

DINETA point of sale program can be customized to your business needs, i.e. integrated with various other systems. UAB DINETA has integrated PaySera payment system, customized the point of sale program to empty package meter system, etc. There are three ongoing projects which will provide integration to DINETA.pos users. DINETA.pos can be easily integrated with the online accounting program DINETA.web. DINETA POS is known for free updates which provide full functionality of the program. The POS program is not divided into different versions.

DINETA point of sale program is stable and reliable thanks to using the latest and most advanced steady-working database, which ensures fast operation of the program despite a large amount of data history or data quantity. This POS system works autonomously with the internet connection only required for periodic data exchanges.