Medical Research Laboratory Information System | DINETA.lab

Medical Research Laboratory System | DINETA.lab

DINETA.lab is a medical research laboratory information system (LIS) for clinical laboratories that combine all laboratory analyzers, possess modules of internal control, reagent accounting and internal audit. DINETA.lab will automate activities at the lab, so, manual work will be reduced.

DINETA.lab system is used at PI Medicina practica and JSC Sorpo that provide laboratory research services in various Lithuanian health care institutions.

What are the benefits of DINETA.lab system?

Laboratories appreciate DINETA.lab system because of an excellent set of differentiated price list for various medical institutions. Due to analyzers interface, ordering management and execution has become much faster and more efficient. On the basis of archival data, it is easier to prepare for licensing and certification of laboratory.

All reports are standardized and received on time by email after installation of DINETA.lab system in health care facilities. Data analysis reports allow quickly and accurately determine of reasoned diagnosis and select rational methods of treatment.

DINETA.lab advantages

  • Organized patient accounts that ensure smooth operations of patient records;
  • Easy data research and orders execution;
  • Easy management of different analyzers;
  • Archiving;
  • Detailed research reports.

More DINETA.lab features

  • Administration of user groups, duties and data. If hospital uses Hospital Information System (HIS), it is possible to create an interface with DINETA.lab system. An integration is possible with such systems: Polis (JSC MedSystem) and LIS (JSC EHS).
  • Administration of system parameters;
  • Managing patients’ profiles and data archiving;
  • Management and execution of orders and results (there is an auto-approval option);
  • Management  of analyzers with an internal control module and reagents accounting;
  • Reports is designed according to each health care institution requirements.

DINETA.lab can work with various analyzers

  1. Immulite;
  2. Konelab;
  3. Primus PDQ A1;
  4. Cobas Integra 400 plus;
  5. Sysmex  KX-21N;
  6. BEP2000;
  7. COULTER® HmX;
  8. Sysmex CA-500
  9. Abbott Architect;
  10. STA Compact \ Satelite;
  11. MEK-8222;
  12. ABX Pentra 60C+ \ 80 \ 80XL;
  13. RX Daytona;
  14. Vitalab Flexor;
  15. ADVIA CentraLink®;
  16. Aution Max AX-4030;
  17. Aution Max AX-4280;
  18. GEM Premier 3000;
  19. CELL-DYN 1800;
  20. UriScan PRO \ UriScan Super;
  21. STart4;
  22. CELL-DYN Ruby;
  24. ROTEM Delta;
  25. Radiometer ABL80;
  26. ABX Micros \ Micros 60 \ Micros CRP;
  27. AIA-360;
  28. Eco series ecomatic \ ecoTwenty \ ecobasic;
  29. ESR 3000.

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