Bring success to your business with the right ERP system

verslo valdymo programaNowadays, when business environment is changing so quickly, companies need to find new ways of being wanted at the market. For more effectiveness in optimizing company‘s activity and reacting to changes at the market, companies often meet a challenge of controlling huge amount of inside information and data. Nowadays, one of many important factors of leading companies in keeping their top positions of the most wanted companies at the market is their understanding that the relationship between the customers and them are crucial. For this reason the company must understand that seeing the problem and making solution for it are the most important things. The success doesn’t come only with good buying and selling costs, cost savings, but also there are many more factors in keeping that success to last, like, labor productivity, inventory turnover stock, customer order deadlines, buyers and suppliers debts and etc. the solution for all of this usually are ERPs that are able to control work processes and make companies work more effective than ever.

The value of accounting system DINETA.web

DINETA.web means freedom for users. They are free from the physical workplace because DINETA.web is an online accounting program. By using the program its users pretty soon get the feeling they have more free time, because of clicking few buttons they are able to analyze various reports that are quickly reachable. United data system optimizes your work and makes it efficient. Accounting system DINETA.web automates work processes. For such reason, the company gets optimal work control because all the information are easily reachable.

Accounting program‘s DINETA.web components

Online accounting system DINETA.web has all its standard modules, like, registers, fixed assets, purchases, sales, reports, reserves and etc. The program is also integrated with STI Smart Tax Administration system. DINETA.web has PayPal and SEPA imports. Accounting program is integrated with EDISOFT platform as well. DINETA recently released Wage program, so, you will be able to get it integrated with DINETA.web too.

Moreover, DINETA.web is one piece of the ERP kernel DINETA.ecosystem. Such business management solution can be used for retailers, wholesalers and other services. DINETA.web is well integrated with Point-of-Sale program – DINETA.pos which can be easily integrated with another information systems because of its flexibility.

other values of accounting program DINETA.web

Online accounting system’s data are saved at encrypted servers, so, you’ll not have to worry about losing it. Copies of the data at your computer will not be an issue here. That is why you’ll save money for expensive IT infrastructure. To work with DINETA.web you can at the same moment you decide to use accounting system. There is no need for a long and preliminary preparations.

Accounting system DINETA.web has a multi-tasking function which means many users may work with the program at the different modules at the same time. The system license package is for rent. so, you’ll be free to ask for more or less program’s licenses at the work process if needed. Last but not least, DINETA.web gives free updates and you’ll have its newest version all the time. Because of the systems flexibility and easy adaptation to other information systems users are able to individually ask for specific integration they need for their companies. All their requests can be done. DINETA also offers free customer support, so, you can just enjoy working with the system.