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dineta programos didmeninei prekybaiERP for Wholesalers | DINETA.ecosystem

Nowadays wholesale enterprises need to solve many problems, such as, how to optimize and control profit margins? How to increase efficiency and turnovers by eliminating its losses? How to manage information and optimize information processing by converting it into orders and sales to retailers?

DINETA business management solutions may be an answer for you because choosing its software your life will get easier.

What can you do with DINETA software?

  • To focus on a range of products, its analysis and management.
  • To integrate DINETA business management systems with other electronic trade systems.
  • To manage profitability by customer‘s needs, such as, providing individual prices and discounts.
  • Flexible pricing functionality allows managers to apply a wide range of marketing tools.
  • To control and monitor payment postponements and debts, and customers’ payment history. Credit monitoring provides wholesalers efficient cash flows management.
  • To reduce significantly operating costs by increasing efficiency of the work process, i.e. by reducing demands of labor power.
  • To serve customers faster and easier in trading rooms and cash desks. 
  • With DINETA.web programs you can be global, i.e. to login to company‘s database from anywhere at any time and use relevant company data. In this way, the physical workplace is not so important. It allows enterprises to save funds allocated for installation and operation of working places, as the employees are able to work from home and this is especially applicable for companies that use accounting services outsourcing.
  • You do not need to buy expensive IT infrastructure. As a result, the company experiences a significant effect on an elimination of costs and can focus on other activities, relationships with customers, market analysis, etc.

DINETA.ecosystem is the best business management system for wholesalers.

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