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mazmeninei prekybai vvsERP for Retailers | DINETA.ecosystem

How to increase throughput in trading venue? How to manage discounts? How to manage pricing and promotions more effective and quicker? How to print price tags without loss of time? How to protect yourself from dishonest employees? How to increase a profitability and turnovers? How to keep customers’ loyalty?

If you asking such questions every day, you definitely need better solutions for your company. DINETA business management solutions may be an answer for you. DINETA business management solutions can be easily applied at supermarkets, shops and trade networks.

Exclusive feature of such business management solution is that the user is granted a license for whole DINETA.web and DINETA.pos functionality, like, loyalty, price management, periodic billings, emailing accounts, etc.), i.e. it is not divided into individual modules or functions. User can set limits for their selves or other employees (it is possible to put a ban on certain functions, operations or even on press of a certain button).

DINETA.pos software is certified according Latvia legislation as well.

Benefits of DINETA solutions for retailers

  • You will be able to set profitability and turnovers of each product or group of products easily. You will be able to identify unprofitable products and create all conditions for growth of profitability and turnovers for each product as well. The growth of sustainable profitability of an enterprise or individual store will also be in your hands to manage.
  • You will observe relevant trade balance and timely will form orders for the suppliers.
  • You will avoid long queues at checkouts and will ensure that your customers shopped within the quickest time.
  • You will realize an instant exchange of information with external systems (gift card systems, bank card systems, etc.).
  • You will type additional information in receipts.
  • You will display e-vouchers, marketing promotions in customer‘s display.
  • Customers will be able to pay in their most convenient way: cash, bank cards, or mixed mode, like, gift vouchers and so on.
  • You will make necessary repayments faster and the most convenient way.
  • You will make embellishments, VAT invoices and other actions quickly and easily, such as, you will form delayed receipt in order not to detain customers waiting in the queue when customer returns to the shopping hall or for other reasons delays to pay, etc.
  • You will be able to process sales information of goods quickly and the data will instantly appear at database, so, you’ll be able to form orders for suppliers quickly.
  • You will be able to process loyalty transactions rapidly and information will be stored at the level of each buyer's receipt. In this way you will be able to analyze your customer‘s shopping habits and use it as collected information in marketing campaigns.
  • With PDA (or without) you will perform an inventory of goods and postings or write-off procedures will automatically be created.

DINETA.web, DINETA.pos, DINETA.retail and are perfect software solution for retailers.

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