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Nowadays, business management software are often called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP helps effectively explore company‘s resources, manage all the information and integrate it among company‘s subdivisions. ERP also helps to standardize and automatize work processes inside the company. Such software usually is known as system which is able to connect all company‘s subdivisions functions to one piece of data that needs being analyzed in order to help company function as one entity.

What is common for all ERP?

Modern ERP enables creation of new and quality checked forms that means the company itself is ready for changes. With ERP every company has an ability to control work processes and better environment for making big decisions towards improving company’s results. Those who already has installed ERP feels better work rhythm, like, goods are delivered timely, redundancy of goods are reduced, accounting is more operative, an important information is obtained timely as well, etc. Such advantages are often used in order to make fast decisions in remaining competitive at its field.


One of flexible ERPs is DINETA.ecosystem which connects few programs that can function separately as well. Such programs are: online accounting program DINETA.web, Point-of-Sale program DINETA.pos, supply chain management program DINETA.retail and analytical program

Integrated ERP are called the most modern ones, however, not all of them can have such function, that is why DINETA.ecosystem is definitely are modern ERP because it can be integrated with every other information system as pleased.

Companies with ERP usually improves daily work and with ability to access huge amount of data that ERP gathers company’s managers can make decisions as soon as possible. That is why productivity of the company increases.

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