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Every retail company faces a challenge to ensure required amount of goods at store shelves in order to avoid surplus.  Usually such job is done by supply ordering managers. However, such decisions come with various problems:

  • the lack of best-selling products, while there is a surplus of other goods;
  • problems with cash flow;
  • store possesses enough reserves (in monetary terms) that it would be possible to open one more store;
  • high labor costs by making trade orders;
  • a lot of goods are out of order due to expiration date.

These problems are being solved by DINETA.retail. It helps to manage store assortment and  supply schedule. Orders are generated and sent to suppliers automatically. Reports are received automatically by the program.

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    Sending reports to email works periodically and is fully automated. Reports may contain an information about chaotic assortment, wrong prices of goods, etc. The program also generates reports about assortments management. Moreover, you also can choose a file format you want to get a report: by email, by email and CSV, EDI or suppliers‘ individual format, etc.

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    Prices management

    Prices of sales and buys are written into a program. DINETA.retail has an ability to announce about price entrance by email or exporting to accounting system. It is very effective because you do not need to enter it manually.

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    Assortment management

    Each product and store need to belong to a certain level of assortment. A list of possible goods to order is shown when you enter product groups with their levels. In such way list of products and stores are combined in between through product groups. This enables to do some changes at assortment when it's needed to be widen.

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    Automatically generated supplies

    The program generates orders every night. Such orders depend on supply schedules, balances of products at the store, sales off and other criteria.

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    Product labels' printing

    System has a package of product labels for retail. It shows price in euros, proportionate price (kg and l) and bar-code. If the price is off sale, the previous one is shown crossed.

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    Supply ordering management

    To every supplier‘s order is marked its frequency schedule and how often products need being ordered. Supply ordering schedule is very important ordering products because you need to have them from one arrival to another one.


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