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DINETA.pos is a reliable point of sale program which is designed for supermarkets, bookstores and other retail trade.

This program performs all standard cash register work functions, such as, cash in, withdrawals, sales of goods, return of goods or purchases. Using such software you can pay not only in cash, but you can use bank cards and gift vouchers as well. All fiscal reports are presented (X, Z, periodical, total).

DINETA.pos works with a variety of fiscal units, electronic scales, bar-code scanners and other specialized equipment.

DINETA.pos software is certified according Latvia legislation. Online accounting system DINETA.web (only logging through the web with your password and username) is fully integrated to DINETA.pos. Moreover, DINETA.web users may also get DINETA.app (app) in which you can generate various reports of your business data online where ever you are.

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    Off sales and loyalty modules

    Software has off sale and loyalty modules integrated within. While scanning goods various off sale algorithms are working automatically. Discounts are applied by numerous conditions of buying goods, such as, quantities, sums, discount card groups, etc. without cashiers intervention.

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    Cashing in/out in advance

    There is a possibility to write various reasons of cashing in and cashing out  in advance. Depending on fiscal blocks those reasons will appear at different Z report‘s sections. Even if such cash payment types use the same fiscal block counter they appear at different accounting program‘s reports.

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    Utilities gathering

    You can gather cash for utilities at the same program and not with different ones. Cashier only needs to scan payment‘s bar-code and the whole sum is shown on the program‘s window.

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    Delayed check

    DINETA.pos has a feature to delay a check. Such possibility enables to service another customer and come back to previous one. Having this function queue at checkout will not be long.

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    Fiscal blocks support

    Software is configured to work with more than 10 various fiscal blocks that are most popular at Lithuania and Latvia.

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    Mixed payment

    DINETA.pos has mixed payment option.  You can choose to pay with: cash, credit cards and coupons.

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    DINETA.pos detects all operations. It registers canceled receipts and separate products. It also detects manually changed prices and sales off. In this way you may check every operation if needed.

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    User's rights

    DINETA.pos has few security settings. It has user's rights system which enables to administrate this program by employees status. You may use usernames and password or unique digital code for checking in.

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    Multilingual interface

    DINETA.pos is multilingual. At the time it supports Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian.

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    Easy to use

    User's interface is very simple, so you will need to only 30 minutes to learn using it. Software is adapted to work with touchscreen or with keyboard.

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    Stability and reliability

    A database is used where quick work is guaranteed because of wide range of goods. It maintains a several year history of data. Software works automatically, so, the Internet is needed only for periodical data exchange.

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    Customer support and upgrades

    Free customer support by email and phone is guaranteed. Free program's upgrades are also included. We can offer training if needed.


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