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DINETA.web is a cloud based accounting software designed for the registration of the company's accounting records and sales operations, management of the company‘s customers orders, accounting management. Due to the Internet platform, each employee is able to enter their documents – purchases, sales, proposals – regardless of the physical location of the workplace. That is why company's accounting results are visible in real time. DINETA.web works alongside with the sales program DINETA.pos. However DINETA.web can also be integrated with other checkout systems. DINETA.web is the optimal solution in terms of results and cost-effectiveness for the enterprises that desire not to hire accountants but to entrust their accounting to specialized companies.

DINETA.web is fully automated software. Customer‘s interface is an Internet browser. A customer only needs to have browser and know an URL of the program, username and password. Moreover, you do not need to install or configure anything. There is no need to purchase additional hardware (server, equipment for making copies of databases, SQL Server, etc.).

The user is granted a license for all existing functionality of DINETA.web, such as loyalty, price management, periodic billing, accounts information that are send by email, etc. It is not separated in any modules and additional features.

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    Cloud computing

    DINETA.web is based on cloud computing, so, you do not need buy additional server, data base, copying equipment and etc. The program can be accessed from every place where the internet is. You only need to know a link to your database, username and password.

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    DINETA.web is powerful program but at the same time it is simple to use because of its interface. This program registers every standard accounting operation. The program uses loyalty, price management, periodical invoice sending by email and other functions.  

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    Integration with e-commerce

    The program can work with e-commerce platforms, such as Oxid, Magento, Pigu.lt by default. This integration is programmed to exchange the data automatically. When the data is imported, products’ labels, clients’ accounts and sale files are created automatically.

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    Product labels' printing

    System has a package of product labels for retail. It shows price in euros, proportionate price (kg and l) and bar-code. If the price is off sale, the previous one is shown crossed.

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    API integration with other systems

    The program has a feature to connect with other program through Web service link. DINETA.web is flexible, so, you can easily integrate it with any other information system.

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    Data import

    Data import allows easily optimize often done operations, such as product cards import, barcodes import, buying or selling prices import. More advanced users may import data to every systems place or send data files particular systems email and it will generate data itself. Therefore it will send you back all answers and results.

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    License rent

    Licenses for DINETA.web are rented. For example, at the beginning when you need to enter so many data to your accounting database you can rent more licenses because more users need login to the same module. After entering the data you can decrease licenses’ number. With the license you get free program's upgrades and free customer support by email of phone every workday.

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    Accountant or audit firm

    Because of the ability to work online, you may hire your accountant or audit firm not only at your local place. Moreover, if you choose to hire your accountant at the different city you do not need to go see him/her every time you want to ask something. Everything you can see at the real time by logging in to your database.


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