DINETA.app: APP for Online Accounting Program‘s DINETA.web Users

internetines buhalterines apskaitos aplikacijaApplication for Online Accounting Program‘s DINETA.web Users | DINETA.app

DINETA.app is an application for online accounting system‘s DINETA.web users, who wants to form various reports and statistics at any place or any time. Application connects to the same databases that DINETA.web.

DINETA.app filters all the necessary data and shows it graphically, that is why an information are read very easily. DINETA.app shows sales, debts, balance of goods and the prices reports in diagrams and graphics where using filters you may analyze data in several sections.

DINETA.app you can already find at Apple Store and Google Play. This is a beta version, so, you are welcome to install it and use it. If needed, please, contact us to inform about app‘s functionality: support@dineta.eu.

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