Business Intelligence Tool | is a tool of certain techniques, business analytic that is based on OLAP technology. With such technology data can be analyzed in various ways. The program is designed to handle huge business data bases and maintain knowledge. OLAP is data scan and analyses method which helps to use and create necessary PivotTable and PivotChart reports. is created to handle big databases. This is a business analytic, data analyzes, cube and data storage processes that help to provide the whole kernel of analytical data. These data are submitted in the most understanding way for users, such as, tables, graphs, reports, tendencies, insights and etc. gather all data from various used programs. For this reason there is convenient to use all DINETA programs that are compatible among each other and optimizes works easily. However, the program may be integrated with other information systems as well. is easy to use because this tool provides data in the most understanding way for users. The program is useful if you want to manage your business data, gather knowledge, analyze collected information and have competition advantage.

Usually is recommended to install with DINETA.retail program, however, it may be used with any other program as well.

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dineta first DINETA.web

DINETA.web is an online accounting program which is dedicated for registering all accounting and sales data, managing supply orders and other accounting operations.

dineta middle DINETA.pos

DINETA.pos is a point of sale program which performs all standard cash register work functions, such as, cash in, withdrawals, sales of goods, return of goods or purchases.

dineta last DINETA.retail

DINETA.retail is a supply chain management program which sorts out product assortment, supply schedules, automatically generates orders and sends reports.