Prices of Business Solutions

The license of online accounting program - DINETA.web - is 32 Eur per month (without VAT).

One license includes hosting services, software installation, free upgrades, whole functionality of the program, consultations by email and phone (free customer support).

         Module of share tradings – 32 Eur/month + VAT
         Module of customer loyalty program – 32 Eur/month + VAT
         „Interface with STI“ program - 4 Eur/month + VAT

The license of DINETA.web Wage program is 32 Eur per month (without VAT).

  1. The license of standard DINETA.web Wage program for the company of 20 employees costs 16 Eur/month + VAT.
  2. If the company is growing, every new one employee is a plus +2 Eur to the standard package of the program. For example, if your company is of 11 employees then DINETA.web Wage program will cost you a (40+2) + VAT per month.
  3. Free customer support.

Point of sale program - DINETA.pos - costs 200 EUR (without VAT).

For additional information about the programs, their functionality and prices, please, contact us:

Type of helpprices (without vat)
Support by phone and email for free
Software updates for free
Additional services 32 Eur/h