Prices of DINETA Business Management Systems

Lease fee of the DINETA.web license is 38 Eur per month (without VAT)

By acquiring a license for the online accounting program you receive hosting on a dedicated server, 100 percent program's functionality, its version updates, unlimited phone and email support on work days. No additional charges apply to servers, their software. Licenses of DINETA.web are leased. Multiple users can work with one license if they work in different program modules. Multiple licenses can be run at one time and the number of licenses can be reduced as the need diminishes. For more information, please, contact

Lease fee of the DINETA.DU (wage program) license is from 32 Eur per month (without VAT)

Free customer support. The license of standard DINETA.DU program depends on the number of employees at the company. For more information, please, contact

The license of DINETA.pos program costs 200 EUR (without VAT)

By acquiring the license of point of sale program DINETA.pos, you receive the installation, configuration, version updates and unlimited free customer support via phone or email. The license (one-time fee) does not include the monthly POS service fee. For more information, please, contact