Business From Chaos Can be Saved by a Compatible Business Management Solution

Work processes are difficult to control when your business expands. A cure for such problem can be properly adapted business management solution.

Problems are various for growing businesses. Usually, for such businesses the beginning is difficult because of their software choice. Sometimes it aggravates more problems and diverts to chaos. At those moments the leader of such company understands that work processes aren’t controlled, so, they do their search for much more modern business management solution.

Some companies for every function use different programs that are not related to each other. That is why such situation is not helpful for businesses because it takes so much time for collecting and analyzing all data. Moreover, every new employee needs being trained to work with several programs, so, for business management it becomes serious hindrance for company’s future progress.

Easily and comfortably

Assortment politics for retailers are important that determines the need of their retail space and its equipment, sales of goods, pricing, and communication tools, goods storage, store equipment and etc.

To form assortment by controlling prices are important for trading companies because they need to make decisions toward supply solutions. For such reasons companies need to supervise prices and yield at stores. The assortment politics often follows a use of demand to accept and adapt to intermittent conditions that is why the company needs to follow, collect and analyze their data. This is useful for knowing the market and become more superior.

Price politics are also important which usually one of the factors for forming assortment. Every company tries to follow and control the prices. It also analyzes their customer behaviors for knowledge when they need to do sales off, order supplies, make supply storage decisions considering sales and etc.

Solutions for such problems take time because the search for management systems may be delayed for so many reasons. Many those problems can be solved quickly by choosing the right business management solution.

One of many those choices may become DINETA offered business management solutions that help to control company’s work processes because everything are managed centrally, easily and comfortably.

Vaidas Radimonas, the Commerce Director of the JSC Danuva, comments: “When we got DINETA.web program we could see all data at real time with the click of few buttons. We’ve also noticed weak spots of our business. We’ve centralized our orders, reduced trade balance, and formed separate assortments for every branch.”

“DINETA.web helped us to control trade balance, to forecast supply orders and it became easier to see our unprofitable goods. It is much easier to work with accounting program for employees and it saves so much time,” says Modestas Švilpa, the Manager of JSC Suoja.

Solution for retail

DINETA offers business management solutions for retailers, wholesalers and service providers.

Such solutions includes several programs, such as, DINETA.web (online accounting program), DINETA.pos (computerized Point-of-Sale program), DINETA.retail (online supply chain management program) and (tool which collects, analyzes data and generates reports).

DINETA business management solutions are used by small and medium sized businesses: from one store to 4-10 trade networks or more stores in Lithuania and Latvia.

Works online

DINETA.web is a very powerful business management program, however, at the same time it is simple to learn and understand because of its intuitive interface. The program registers all standard accounting operations, processes and submits reports for retailers and wholesalers. DINETA.web also manages loyalty systems that may work separately or with any other loyalty system. The program is used for prices control, periodical invoices that may be sent by email.

DINETA.web is an online program based on cloud computing, so, because of such advantage you can hire accountant not only at your local place. Moreover, it is easy to access the program because you need to have a computer, the internet, a link to your database, username and password. You do not need to install anything, have server at your company or any other equipment that usually is needed for programs that are bought. This is a huge asset because you may see all the data at the real time.

Point-of-Sale, supply management and analytic

DINETA.pos is a computerized point of sale program that performs every standard operation for retailers.

The program includes every point of sale program’s operation, like, cash load, cash withdrawal, sale of goods, buying ups and etc. DINETA.pos has a feature of mixed cash settlement, such as, cash, credit cards or coupons. The program is also able to show every fiscal reports.

DINETA.pos is flexible, so it can be integrated with other informational systems or it may be adapted individually according to your business needs. Such program is computerized and can work with other systems, however, the best choice would be to integrate it with DINETA.web.

DINETA.retail is supply chain management program which controls the balance of goods at your storage. The main working principle of the program is to ensure the right trade balance to avoid the surplus. DINETA.retail is able automatically to shape reservations for supply in order to optimize the trade balance. It is definitely saves time and is very comfortable. is a great tool which collects all data from all your programs, analyzes it and submits in the most understanding way, like, reports, graphs, suggestions, tendencies and etc. Such tool is very helpful for company leaders because they can analyze data and see what actions need to be taken to improve work processes.

Great opportunities

If choosing DINETA business management solutions, you get system which includes online accounting program that can be easily integrated with e-shops, CRM, customer loyalty programs, business analytic and other useful systems. Every program that DINETA offers is flexible and open for other additional integration.