TOP 5 signs that you need other accounting program

buhalterines apskaitos programos

1. Total accounting isn’t enough to control your company

Often only total accounting isn’t enough to control work processes at the company, so, usually the head of the company chooses quantitative accounting’s program. Online accounting program DINETA.web offers opportunity to enter quantitative accounting. After such changes it becomes easier to control retail chains, trade balances, to forecast trade books. You also be able to find unprofitable products. Taking care of your company’s accounting will become easier.

2. Investing to your IT infrastructure becomes expensive.

Buying accounting program means you’ll need to invest to your IT infrastructure. Eventually it becomes expensive, because you need to invest to good computer machinery. DINETA.web is an online accounting program which licenses are rented. That is why you do not need to invest to any servers, data bases, copies of the data and etc. DINETA.web is based on cloud computing. It means you only need to have a computer with an Internet for using DINETA.web.

3. Your current accounting program doesn‘t have functionality that you need and buying it becomes very expensive.

With the license of DINETA.web you get 100 percent functionality of the program. One price for full program’s functionality that is why it is very useful because you do not need to think about if it will be enough for your company.

4. Trainings for new employees becomes more complex.

Working with different programs you need more time to train new employees. It takes time and becomes non effective. With DINETA.web you’ll be able to control accounting, loyalty system, warehouse, sales and etc. DINETA.web makes easier to create reports by employees themselves in a way they want to see needed data.

5. You having a hard time to hiring accountant for your company

You find a hard time to hire an accountant which lives at the same place your company is. With DINETA.web you will be able to hire accountant from any city you want. The program works online, so, you only need to have a link to your database, username and password. This enables hiring new people in different cities and places.