Company overview

Our products and services:

DINETA.web is online accounting software.
DINETA.pos is online based point of sale software.
DINETA.retail is online supply ordering and managing software. is online tool for analyzing business database.
DINETA.ecosystem is online whole system of business management softwares.  
DINETA.lab is online software designed for medical research laboratories.

We also provide accounting services for small and medium sized companies.

Our clients:

JSC Alliance AIBĖ, JSC APRANGA, JSC Gulbelė,  JSC Eiginta,  JSC Svaita, JSC Medikona, Medicina Practica, JSC Vaga, JSC Utenos Prekyba, JSC IceCo Group, JSC Knygų Namai, JSC Vilniaus Duona, JSC Likurgas and many more.

Our offices:

Kursiai Street 7, Kaunas, Lithuania
Olympians Street 1, Vilnius, Lithuania

DINETA is a Lithuanian IT company which provides business management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. It was founded in 2008. The best offered company‘s business management solution is an ecosystem of main products that DINETA has created. Such ecosystem fits best for retailers, wholesalers and service sector’s businesses:
- DINETA.web is an online accounting program.
- DINETA.pos is a computerized point of sale program.
- DINETA.retail is an online supply management program.
- is an analytical tool which collects all data from other programs and helps analyze it by submitting data in the most understanding way.

DINETA offers business management solutions that are cloud based and can be accessible from every place the Internet is. Because of their flexibility DINETA programs can be easily integrated with other information systems, like, e-shops, POS, CRM and etc. Licenses are rented, so with it you get full functionality of the program, free upgrades and free customer support by email or phone every workday.

DINETA specializes at creating business management solutions, so the customers are fundamental momentum which keeps us to move forward and seek to provide the best possible product for businesses. Continuous innovations and improvements allow us to respond effectively to changes in the market. Trust, clear minds, knowledge and purposeful actions are leading values we try to tame into our daily work.