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    Licenses for DINETA.web are rented. Such option are useful for small sized companies because of capability to access the program from every place of the World where the Internet is. With one license may work several users at different modules. At the beginning when you need to enter so much information, data to your program you are able to increase the number of licenses and when your work is done you are able to rent less licenses.

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    DINETA business management solution is attractive for retailers, wholesalers and service providers because DINETA.web is online accounting program, DINETA.pos is point of sale program, DINETA.retail is supply chain management system and DINETA.analytics is an analytical tool which collects and analyses data from all your programs. These programs create one ecosystem – DINETA.ecosystem.

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    Full functionality

    DINETA.web is simple and easily assimilated online accounting program which registers all standard operations that retailers, wholesalers and service providers need. It processes all data and submits reports for users. Program contains loyalty, prices management, periodical reports, invoices sending by email and other functions. With the license you get full functionality of the program. It is not indivisible in any separate modules or functions.

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    Cloud computing

    An online accounting program DINETA.web works in a web browser because it is based on cloud computing. All you need is the Internet (all browsers are accepted). Link to your database, username and password will be provided by us. You will not need to invest to infrastructure of the program‘s hosting. However, you‘ll get full functionality of the program.


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    Trainings and free support

    We strongly recommend participate in a training where you are welcome to ask any questions you are keen to know answers about program’s functioning. With the license you are also getting free customer support by phone or email every workday. Free program’s upgrades also included.


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